Usually I order my ephedrine always in my favorite store, but from time to time I buy in advance of a training colleagues. This has since usually ephedrine Arsan, efedrina Level, Chest-Eeze and something of an underground laboratory. The name of the underground laboratory and the product itself I do not know, but stuff like that I not believe it anyway to. For me Gibt’s only known brand goods.Last I had, frankly ephedrine Arsan by him and that was quite disappointing. I usually take between 20 and 30 mg ephedrine before training, so I have a tablet ephedrine Arsan halved and thought, that is rich.But did not. The impact felt like a cup of coffee, so rather bad because pretty :) So I used one whole tablet taken at the next training and since then came so slowly what. But is by no means mit6 tablets Kaizen Ephedrine HCL compare (6 tablets a 8mg = 48mg). 6 tablets Kaizen Ephedrine pull off my shoes. The comparable amount ephedrine Arsan not. My conclusion: It seems to be true that the stuff is under-dosed.

However, my experience with efedrina level are very good. Since acting as 50mg 50mg really should act. Unfortunately, today is very difficult to come off. I know of no reputable shop where you can order efedrina level and also in the studio, it is not always available. And if so, then the prices scare off quite yet. 2 euros will be asked for a tablet. This is too much told me honestly.

The stuff from the underground laboratory is cheaper usually a lot, but who knows what’s in there !?Therefore no alternative for me.


Most ephedrine Arsan from Turkey will be known, but it is currently available at all? An acquaintance is tour guide in Turkey and has demanded for me once in a Turkish pharmacy.

Acaröz Güler cared for German tourists in Ankara and knows there very well made. As a local, he also knows how he has to talk to the pharmacists resident there, to knock out the best prices and not to be ripped off. I’m interested firstly whether Arsan prescription exists for the Turkish ephedrine or not know how much a pack will cost and whether the pharmacist may be willing to provide larger quantities to Germany.

Acaröz has demanded for me in three different pharmacies. The fact is that there are ephedrine Arsan to buy in all only by prescription. Since Acaröz itself is Turk, he would have received in all three pharmacies without a prescription as many packs as needed. As a German, so all the Turkish Pharmacists unanimously, but one would not have a chance. In recent years, namely controlled. The question of larger quantities which are mailed directly to Germany, have been rejected by all pharmacists once. No one wanted to really make a statement now. After some back and forth but Acaröz persuaded two pharmacists to reflect on monthly deliveries of 500 packages at least. 2011 in Side a pharmacist was arrested because he had sent 400 packages a month without a prescription anabolics a German dealer. Since then, all a bit cautious and can also pay well their services. Most of those who trade with the Germans, take about 5.00 euros per pack, so one of the pharmacist. If one considers that in this country a pack of 40-50 euros is sold, certainly a profitable business.

The prices for individual packs were in all three pharmacies 1.40 to 1.90 euros per pack. When asked whether the manufacturer would under dose the tablets Acaröz got none of the pharmacies accurate information. Some felt that all drugs which are not produced in Turkey would not generally meet the highest standards, because the retail prices simply were too low to offer decent quality. Since there is prescription for ephedrine Arsan, more bodybuilders are not the main buyers and also know the manufacturer. Previously went, one of the pharmacists, 90% of the monthly production disappeared in some channels and then dived at some point throughout Europe on the black market anabolics.Since this is no longer so and the producers mostly produced only for patients, the tablets seem to be rather dosed 50mg direction. Where nobody here would put his hand on the fire, so the surveyed pharmacists.

Those who prefer to use his vacation to relax and be ephedrine prefer to order from your home PC, I recommend the new Sir Burn Alot Shop. Here you can not only buy ephedrine but also ECA Stacks and Yohimbine and yohimbe are available. Serious Shop!


Now that I have reported on my experiences with ephedrine, it interested me burning if your used ephedrine and if so which one. For this reason, I have integrated a poll here and I want to ask you to cast your vote.

There are so many different ephedrine products. My favorite product is Ephedrine HCL 8mg of Kaizen, because I know what I have. But many of my friends also take ephedrine, which is offered to you by your dealer. With the Turkish ephedrine Arsan have the fewest good experience. That should be quite under-dosed yes. Better is there already efedrina level from Spain, but that is rarely available and, moreover also extremely expensive! Many people use ephedrine in the form of ephedra in an ECA Stack. A good thing, I think, because I am an absolute fan ECA Stack :)

I’m curious what comes out in my survey. I would appreciate an active participation! Perhaps you sent the survey or the complete article also link to friends and family, would be happy!


Okay folks, today stood with me on the shoulders and biceps training. Since I had what at the right rotator cuff a few months ago and shoulders therefore could not train, developing my delts therefore lagging behind a little. Reason enough to give the shoulder training everything. To make today enjoy the steam, I have 3 Ephedrine HCL taken half an hour before training tablets of Kaizen, a total of 24 mg of pure ephedrine HCL. Recently I took ephedrine about a week ago. Since I do not drink coffee and stimulants otherwise shun, so popping small doses of ephedrine with me usually always pretty good.

So, made warm with halos (with a dumbbell disc circling around the head). Thereafter, 3 heavy sets alternately front and neck press (ie a repetition Front Press, then a repeat neck press). I usually grab me in this exercise in the last sentence in each case 2 x 20kg on each side of the bar, for a total of 100 kg. Today my workout went thanks ephedrine super easy by hand, which is why I have per page respectively a 5 kg Extra draufgepackt. Extremely cool feeling :)

After that was Scott Presses tuned. You start with the dumbbell in front of the head, the palms of the hands pointing to each other. Then you can not just press only high but pushes the shoulders back and slightly upward. Fantastic exercise that broadens the shoulder. Otherwise each 30 kg per hand, today 32.5 kg. Thank ephedrine :)


Next exercise dumbbell lateral raises. Otherwise 25kg today 27.5 kg.

Then bent-over lateral raises with dumbbells. Otherwise 30kg today 32.5 kg.

Last exercise Shrugs. Otherwise, 140 kg, 150 kg today.

It’s just incredible, what needs to be able ephedrine. Despite some stress today at work and a skipped meal I have endless power and might hang for an hour off. And with only 24mg ephedrine HCL.Absolute Hammer.

Before I forget: barbell Doing otherwise always with 50 kg today I used 55 kg and made a repeat more than usual with 50 kg. Also at the end of the training made me ephedrine alone.

Since yesterday I posted the link to the only fat burner shop, today is the direct link to ephedrine. If you want to order there, then immediately ordered the 150 tablet package, since you indeed required on the one hand because of the more moderate dosage tablets and other neat saves compared to the single purchase.


I am sure that you will be as pleased with your delivery as I did. If you’ve Bock, then write me time you receive your delivery and the first training have completed it. I’m always interested in sharing with like-minded :)



I am Thorsten, a 36-year-old bodybuilder. I run bodybuilding since the early 90’s and have experience with a variety of supplements. Today I want to share my experiences about ephedrine.

Unlike eg anabolics is ephedrine mainly intended to burn fat. Bodybuilders who look massive, but do not have a washboard, are not real bodybuilder in my eyes. The term stands for bodybuilding body sculpting. For muscles and that these muscles also sees. Ephedrine is one of the few agents who brings to light the muscles!

Unlike all the other so-called fat burners, which all bring nothing except less money in the wallet, ephedrine is a real fat burner. If you take Ephedrine, you can feel how ephedrine burning in one. And this is easy to explain: Ephedrine increases your body temperature. It feels like a slight fever. The increased temperature of the body burns more energy than normal. And, another advantage of ephedrine makes awake and alert, and thereby one is much fitter during training and may be longer and harder training, which also burns more calories!

Often one reads it that ephedrine also distributes hunger, but unfortunately that is with me not so.Ok, when I had taken ephedrine for the first time, the hunger was gone, but I have a feeling that my body has become accustomed over time to ephedrine. Many also require that coffee which also distributes hunger, but of coffee I get usually only more hungry! Is ultimately an individual thing, I think.

When I use ephedrine to be before training in a good mood, then I take usually around 25mg. More is not necessary, because I’ll only shaky and restless in excess of what is in front of a training course, anything but great. If I want to lose weight, I take once in the morning and once before workout each 25mg ephedrine. More is not necessary, since ephedrine pretty good burns fat. If it still trains regularly and somewhat reduces the calories and carbohydrates, then the fat goes away pretty quickly. Speaking Carbohydrates: I usually have no power when I reduce the carbohydrates. But if I take the same ephedrine, then I notice no energy decay. But on the contrary. I am more energetic than a mega load of ephedrine!

My ephedrine tablets I get from a buddy who can pretty much get anything. He has, however, not always available ephedrine, I also often buy on the internet. My favorite shop is known fat burner Store. Here I order for two years and have always gotten everything. The quality is great, because it’s a brand-name product from Canadian producers Kaizen. Although the tablets have only 8 mg, but the advantage is that this amount is not then available on prescription and that obtained in 8 mg and no less. For example, if I get out of my buddy the Turkish ephedrine Arsan, which should have 50 mg per tablet, then I feel often fooled. The act like an 8 mg tablet of Kaizen. I therefore assume that the are heavily under-dosed. In many bodybuilders forums to read also pleased that these tablets are total junk.

As I said, the Tablets of the Fatburner Shop have 8 mg and when you take 3 pieces of it, you have 24 mg per dose and the bangs quite decent :) If you go then ordered the 150 pieces package for 79 euros, then the price fully in order! Think about it: The tablets are 100% in order and no cheap scrap! Take some especially against the many anabolics Stores in Eight that there are now online! Most gamble only from or send fakes without drugs!